Welcome to our Blog

We thought we would start talking about our adventure in the dismantling industry as well as interesting automotive stories/ information.

Both Tony and I (Aaron) will be contributing pieces. We are a father and son combination trying to find balance between the new and the old, a little bit like the father and son combination in “American Chopper” …Ok, hopefully not like them

Some background

Tony and Tonya founded this business in 2001. Across many years it has consistently built a great reputation by being reliable and friendly. Like all businesses it has gone through high and lows all the time under the steady direction of Tony Nicastri (with Tonya keeping the books and paperwork in order).

Tony being a family orientated man always wanted one of his three boys to become a part of what he had built. All of us due to our refusal to work at McDonalds were conscripted to the family business in our youth. As we all grew into adulthood it seemed that dismantling, cleaning and selling car parts was nothing like the bright lights of Hollywood (I mean Sydney).

Tony never pushed that someone must take over the family business, so with no guilt attached, we all went to find our own place in the world.

Like the prodigal son I returned to the business in July 2012, nine years since I had last been associated….

So what happened to make me want to come to the business?

The yard had provided the family a comfortable income but to me had always seemed to have more potential; it just didn’t fire on all cylinders. While not being particularly interested in cars I found myself in my early/mid-twenties particularly interested in numbers.

These interests lead me playing games for a living and provided a very unique lifestyle. The learning I did in this period served as the building blocks for business and time management. I gained a real insight into strategy and quickly assessing situations.

Wanting to settle into consistent work and a balanced lifestyle I suggested my interest in coming to the business in a managerial role. This interest was snapped up as Tony and Tonya who could see that a fresh look to improvements and youth could really help the business. I started on the 1st July 2012

1 year in.

The first thing I wanted to do when I arrived was bridge the knowledge gap, as I knew little about the industry. To do this I sourced out people with successful businesses and experts, I was fortunate to have my dad’s links and my Uncle; Ross Nicastri help me during this initial period.

In one month I worked out many issues the yard was having…

Some of the issues required a capital investment to get on top of and others required a change in how we functioned; with the support of Tony and Tonya we began changing the yard.

So what have we achieved in a year..

  • Upped productivity by making things simpler, resulting in significantly higher car turnover
  • Digitalized our filing for faster and more efficient access to documentation
  • Increased our racking
  • Built a larger fence area to hold more vehicles
  • Expanded our car range
  • Put in a second hoist (magically found space)
  • Employed extra staff
  • Put in 4 new computers (to our previous old 3)
  • Used our computer system closer to its potential (Pinnacle is the system we use)
  • A change in old ways and habits (this has not always been easy)
    It has been a fun and highly educational journey for me thus far…

I invite you to follow us as we grow

Aaron Nicastri,
Macarthur Auto Parts