We have been watching an interesting competition all year between the Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3 for Australia’s most popular car. The Corolla is out in front by 1258 units and is starting to look pretty favourable in the 2013 race.

Toyota has been enjoying a lot of success this year with the Hilux sitting as the 3rd most popular car for the year and with good sales in September is now threatening the Mazda 3 for second place overall!

The new VF Commodore came in 4th this month continuing it’s solid sales, we wonder if this is just the hype of a new car or is this the start of revitalization of the family sedan..

Top 10 cars for September 2013

1, Corrolla 3443
2, Hilux 3341
3, Mada 3 3052
4, Commodore 2869
5, Hyundai I30 2675
6, Navara 2278
7, Camry 2223
8, Ranger 2037
9, Golf 1852
10, Cruze 1851

Ford News

The Ford Ranger had a good September securing 8th spot and is now sitting at number 10 for the year

The Ford Falcon sold 846 units which was a big increase from the previous month, but it seems apparent that it is a dying breed, its sales are down 35.4% this year.

The Ford Territory sold 1130 units this month and like the Falcon this was a big increase from August, It’s sales are down 7.1% for the year.

Ford is certainly hurting this year with the Falcon dropping off in numbers. The rest of the range seem to be holding their own, but it would be nice to see more than one Ford in the top 10

Back to the Race

Top 10 cars to January to September 2013

1, Corolla 32,039
2, Mazda3 30,781
3, Hilux 29,917
4, Hyundai I30 22,499
5, Cruze 19,190
6, Commodore 18,806
7, Navara 18,726
8, Triton 17,952
9, Camry 16,700
10,Ranger 16,070

With only 3 months left there is still a lot of hustling to be done and nothing is certain.

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