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Falcon BA XR6 (Full Typhoon F6 Specifications) For Sale

2004 BA MK11 XR6 sedan converted to full Typhoon F6 specifications

This car has a history with our wrecking yard, owned by my son Jacob Nicastri. It’s a collection of a lot of the premium parts we have acquired over the years, it has been a little bit of a project car for us.

It started life as a BA Blue XR6 sedan repairable write-off that had left rear quarter damage. It was professionally repaired by JJ Performance Smash Repairs a number of years ago and then over a period of 12 months or so had a BA F6 engine and 6 speed manual gearbox fitted

The engine was rebuilt approx 2 years ago using new rings bearings pistons and the head was fully recoed.

So this looks like a genuine F6 in every way….but it’s not… however It’s still a great looking car

Registered until April 2014

For sale
$10,500 (car sold as shown)
we will consider all offers

001Falcon BAFalcon BA

Falcon BAFalcon BAFalcon BA

Falcon BAFalcon BAFalcon BA

Spec information

Ford Falcon Typhoon/xr6 turbo


typhoon engine and turbo

6 speed manual gearbox
3.5 inch dump pipe
3 inch mandrel bent aps exhaust system
monza intercooler
42lb injectors
car runs 16 pound boost
330kw atw 880Nm
fpv 330mm brakes (genuine ford)
territory ventilated rear brakes (genuine ford)
BA 18″ typhoon wheels (genuine ford)
gt body kit (genuine ford, all plastic)


fpv cloth and swede seats (genuine ford)
fpv instrument cluster (genuine ford)
fpv boost and oil gauges (genuine ford)
6 stacker cd player, dual zone climate control
custom painted piano black dash
start button (genuine ford)
momo steering wheel (genuine ford)


Car has been an everyday driver and paint is not perfect (minor marks)
Wheels have some gutter rash
Car has standard fuel pump in it, requires bosch 044 fuel pump to run at max power.
Car is a repairable write off
Driver’s seat is a bit worn

Speak to Tony for more information 0408482814

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Why buy from Ford Wreckers?


Its really very simple!

Replace your broken/damaged parts with genuine Ford parts at a fraction of the cost.
Savings compared to buying new can be well over 40%. This equates to big big savings for you!

It is better to fit genuine parts than aftermarket ones for two reasons


1 You know you are getting a quality Ford product, a lot of aftermarket parts don’t stand the test of time and are not manufactured to the same standards Ford demands
2 By fitting genuine parts you maintain your warranty with your dealership

Wrecking yards help our environment, recycling is the core of our business!

So why buy from us?

We clean test and warranty our parts to guarantee satisfaction
We buy low kilometre stock to ensure high quality
We know our product well,
We are Ford people

Macarthur Auto Parts,
your reliable Ford Used Parts specialist (Ford Wreckers Narellan)

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Best Sellers November 2013

Its very likely that Toyotas Corolla is set take the top spot for 2013 away from the the 2012 winner the Mazda 3 as year to date the Corolla is 1734 ahead of the Mazda 3 , 39,794 compared to 38,060

Thats unlikely to change much in December as the Mazda 3 is in run out mode ahead of the release of the next generation 3 due in January

Falcons November result of 1227 cars is the best figure since October 2012 (1391) which means theres a good chance of avoiding embaressment in failing to achieve 10,000 units for the entire year and unfortunately Falcon ute sale of 413 were down compared to November last year

Just short of the top 10 was the Mazda CX5 (1700) and the Ford Territory (1584)


Top 10 for November 2013

!, Corolla 3,894

2, Mazda 3 3,666

3, Hilux 3,368

4, Hyundai I30 3,157

5, Commodore 3,097

6, Camry 2,375

7, VW Golf 2,069

8, Ford Ranger 2,014

9, Holden Cruze 1,846

10, Mitsubishi Triton 1,703

Top 10 2013 year to date

1, Corolla 39,794

2, Mazda 3 38,060

3, Hilux 36,457

4, Hyundai I30 28,065

5, Commodore 25,218

6, Holden Cruze 22,959

7, Nissan Navara 22,177

8, Mitsubishi Triton 21,491

9, Camry 21,326

10, Ford ranger

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FPV a thing of the past!

Both good and bad news delivered by Ford Australia on the 11th of November 2014

When the next model Falcon arrives late next in 2014 it will coincide with the reintroduction of the much loved XR8 but will also mean the end of the famous FPV branding meaning an end to both the FPV F6 GT and V8 Ute models.

Ford has claimed that there has been a lot of requests to bring the more affordable XR8 back to obviously compete with the Commodore SS pricing but has not said why its stopping the FPV brand 2 years before Falcon production stops in October 2016


Ford Australia said this will end a wonderful 12 years of the FPV brand and many more years before with its Tickford association and thanks the many customers for their loyalty and support making FPV models and there engines celebrated successes

Ford understands this will not be what Ford supporters want to hear but be assured that they have planned a series of actions during 2014 to ensure the final FPV models iconic status will be appropriately celebrated and that Ford will continue to offer service, parts and technical support for all the FPV models for many years to come

I wonder if this decision has anything to do with Ford Australia only signing a 1 year deal with FPRs V8 Supercar team???

Thanks for reading,

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September Car Sales 2013

We have been watching an interesting competition all year between the Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3 for Australia’s most popular car. The Corolla is out in front by 1258 units and is starting to look pretty favourable in the 2013 race.

Toyota has been enjoying a lot of success this year with the Hilux sitting as the 3rd most popular car for the year and with good sales in September is now threatening the Mazda 3 for second place overall!

The new VF Commodore came in 4th this month continuing it’s solid sales, we wonder if this is just the hype of a new car or is this the start of revitalization of the family sedan..


Top 10 cars for September 2013

1, Corrolla 3443
2, Hilux 3341
3, Mada 3 3052
4, Commodore 2869
5, Hyundai I30 2675
6, Navara 2278
7, Camry 2223
8, Ranger 2037
9, Golf 1852
10, Cruze 1851

Ford News

The Ford Ranger had a good September securing 8th spot and is now sitting at number 10 for the year

The Ford Falcon sold 846 units which was a big increase from the previous month, but it seems apparent that it is a dying breed, its sales are down 35.4% this year.

The Ford Territory sold 1130 units this month and like the Falcon this was a big increase from August, It’s sales are down 7.1% for the year.

Ford is certainly hurting this year with the Falcon dropping off in numbers. The rest of the range seem to be holding their own, but it would be nice to see more than one Ford in the top 10

Back to the Race


Top 10 cars to January to September 2013

1, Corolla 32,039
2, Mazda3 30,781
3, Hilux 29,917
4, Hyundai I30 22,499
5, Cruze 19,190
6, Commodore 18,806
7, Navara 18,726
8, Triton 17,952
9, Camry 16,700
10,Ranger 16,070

With only 3 months left there is still a lot of hustling to be done and nothing is certain.

Thanks for reading
Tony Nicastri
Macarthur Auto Parts

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More Cars More Money?

I wanted to discuss product turnover, how increasing production looks and what the side effects are.

In an attempt to dismantle more cars we find ourselves stripping less parts of each car and becoming increasingly more concerned about the big money parts… engines, gearboxes, panels etc

This comes at a cost as each car generates less income because it sells less parts.

Issues created by this;

  • We are going to make less of each car so we must turnover more cars
  • We are going to make less off each car so our projected earning will drop and so will our bid price on the cars… If we are too lean we will not be able to win cars at auction at an acceptable profit margin
  • We may have to drop our profit margins
  • We may have to say ‘NO’ to customers on some small parts as we no longer stock them
  • We will need more storage space and racking to deal with the volume increases
  • We will tie up more money on stock and need to move into new car ranges
  • The new cars will be slow to return while growing into a new market, this will tie up even more money
  • Our RA accounts will grow as we now have more stock, and in turn more account sales

more money more cars

So why increase productivity and turnover, its simple…more profit!

If you stock more parts off more cars you will sell more. This will predominantly be big money parts… so your average sale will increase.

All of the above listed factors are reasons to increase slowly and with caution, many of these issues I have experienced. The process of moving to less parts more cars is certainly an interesting one. Knowing where to draw the line on how many parts to take off a car and what profit you need is difficult as this will change with time and the buying market will fluctuate.

Some food for thought

Aaron Nicastri
Macarthur Auto Parts

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V8 Supercars

Latest rumours are that Ford Australia is ready to sign a new 1 year only deal with the top Ford V8 super car team Ford Performance Racing.

Great news as the team and drivers have been showing concern that Ford was ready to walk away from V8 Super Cars altogether. If it does resign it will probably only offer half of the current rumoured $3 million per year currently paid to FPR.

Its now hoped that all 3 drivers will stay with FPV. Mark Winterbottom who has 1 year contract and both Will Davison and Dave Reynolds who’s contracts run out at the end of the year will re-sign on for next year; although its believed Reynolds contract is not reliant on Fords support.

FPV Supercars

A 1 year deal is very short term and one wonders how much longer the Ford badge will stay around V8 Super Cars

Thanks for reading.
Tony Nicastri,
Macarthur Auto Parts

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The Coalition & the Australian Car Industry September 2013


The Coalition has won the federal election, but what does this means for us (businesses/ employees in the auto trade) and our local manufacturers?

It appears that Tony Abbott; Prime Minister Elect has declared Australia is “once more open for business”.

However, former industry Minister Kim Car who has held onto his seat in the upper house has called on the Coalition to change its view on manufacturing and was deeply concerned that if its policies were implemented Australia would miss out on the 1 billion dollar investment promised by General Motors Holden.

Senator Carr said the removal of 500 million dollars from the Automotive Transformation Scheme and Liberals not prepared to match Labours additional commitments could see an end to the Australian automotive industry as we now know it.

Richard Rielly chief executive of the Federation of Automotive Products Manufacturers is keen to see Mr Abbots productivity commission review into the automotive industry. Mr Rielly said we would like the review started within the next 3 to 6 months.

We need certainty in the industry he said, we are extremely concerned that the 500 million dollars the Coalition plans on taking away will make the Automotive Transformation Scheme not feasible in Australia.

The Australian car manufactures comments made for interesting reading with Holden saying it congratulated Tony Abbot and the Coalition. They look forward to working with them and discussing future automotive policy that supports the growth and development of the Australian car industry.


Toyota Australia evaluates its business model and vehicle line up on an ongoing basis and although there are many challenges ahead it is doing everything we can to keep building cars in Australia.

Ford Australia should welcome the rollback to taxes on salary sacrificed and leased cars as it blames these for the huge fall in Falcon sales.

The 3 car manufactures expect to see approximately 460 million dollars in savings once the previous government’s carbon tax is cut back. This ironically sounds a lot like giving the car industry 500 million once you throw in the rollback on taxes.

One thing is for certain it’s definitely shaky times for the Australian car industry.

Thanks for reading,
Tony Nicastri,
Macarthur Auto Parts

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Our First Blog Post

Welcome to our Blog

We thought we would start talking about our adventure in the dismantling industry as well as interesting automotive stories/ information.

Both Tony and I (Aaron) will be contributing pieces. We are a father and son combination trying to find balance between the new and the old, a little bit like the father and son combination in “American Chopper” …Ok, hopefully not like them


Some background

Tony and Tonya founded this business in 2001. Across many years it has consistently built a great reputation by being reliable and friendly. Like all businesses it has gone through high and lows all the time under the steady direction of Tony Nicastri (with Tonya keeping the books and paperwork in order).

Tony being a family orientated man always wanted one of his three boys to become a part of what he had built. All of us due to our refusal to work at McDonalds were conscripted to the family business in our youth. As we all grew into adulthood it seemed that dismantling, cleaning and selling car parts was nothing like the bright lights of Hollywood (I mean Sydney).

Tony never pushed that someone must take over the family business, so with no guilt attached, we all went to find our own place in the world.


Like the prodigal son I returned to the business in July 2012, nine years since I had last been associated….

So what happened to make me want to come to the business?

The yard had provided the family a comfortable income but to me had always seemed to have more potential; it just didn’t fire on all cylinders. While not being particularly interested in cars I found myself in my early/mid-twenties particularly interested in numbers.

These interests lead me playing games for a living and provided a very unique lifestyle. The learning I did in this period served as the building blocks for business and time management. I gained a real insight into strategy and quickly assessing situations.

Wanting to settle into consistent work and a balanced lifestyle I suggested my interest in coming to the business in a managerial role. This interest was snapped up as Tony and Tonya who could see that a fresh look to improvements and youth could really help the business. I started on the 1st July 2012

1 year in.

The first thing I wanted to do when I arrived was bridge the knowledge gap, as I knew little about the industry. To do this I sourced out people with successful businesses and experts, I was fortunate to have my dad’s links and my Uncle; Ross Nicastri help me during this initial period.

In one month I worked out many issues the yard was having…

Some of the issues required a capital investment to get on top of and others required a change in how we functioned; with the support of Tony and Tonya we began changing the yard.

So what have we achieved in a year..

  • Upped productivity by making things simpler, resulting in significantly higher car turnover
  • Digitalized our filing for faster and more efficient access to documentation
  • Increased our racking
  • Built a larger fence area to hold more vehicles
  • Expanded our car range
  • Put in a second hoist (magically found space)
  • Employed extra staff
  • Put in 4 new computers (to our previous old 3)
  • Used our computer system closer to its potential (Pinnacle is the system we use)
  • A change in old ways and habits (this has not always been easy)

It has been a fun and highly educational journey for me thus far…

I invite you to follow us as we grow

Aaron Nicastri,
Macarthur Auto Parts

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